Quantum Science and Engineering

Our experimental highlights 

1. Proposal and demonstration of spin qubits as a probe of photonic spin density [arXiv preprint arXiv:2102.11373, 2021]

2. Proposal and demonstration of long-range dipole-dipole interactions mediated by metamaterials  [Science advances 4 (10), eaar5278, 2018 and Nature communications 8 (1), 1-8 (2017)]

Our theory highlights 

1. Proposal of single photon driven quantum phase transition in N>100 qubit system as a new model for weak signal detection [NPJ Quantum Information 6 (1), 1-6 (2020)]

2. Prediction of relativistic negative frequency resonance in moving media and resultant giant vacuum friction [Physical Review A 95 (3), 033817, 2017 and Optics express 22 (21), 26193-26202, 2014]

3. Algorithm for quantum entropic causal inference in entangled systems

4. Quantum structured light with twisted single photon pulses and quantum spin operator of photons

5. Prediction of atomistic topological electrodynamic phases of matter with optical N-invariant, viscous Maxwell-Chern-Simons theory and prediction of graphene with Hall viscosity as the first candidate topological electrodynamic phase