Thermal Science and Engineering

Our experimental highlights 

1. Proposal and demonstration of high-temperature thermal metamaterial

Molesky, Sean, Christopher J. Dewalt, and Zubin Jacob. "High-temperature epsilon-near-zero and epsilon-near-pole metamaterial emitters for thermophotovoltaicsOptics Express 21.101 (2013): A96-A110.

Dyachenko, Pavel N., et al. "Controlling thermal emission with refractory epsilon-near-zero metamaterials via topological transitionsNature communications 7.1 (2016): 1-8.

2. Observation of high-temperature thermal antenna behavior from hexagonal boron nitride polaritons

3. Proposal and demonstration of on-chip extreme skin depth waveguides

4. Extreme ultra-violet and deep ultra-violet plasmons in silicon probed using momentum-resolved electron energy loss spectroscopy

Our theory highlights 

1. Series of papers related to thermal spin photonics and new Kirchoff's laws of thermal radiation

2. Broadband super-Planckian thermal emission from 2D materials and metamaterials

3. Proposal for quantum-accelerated imaging of N stars (thermal sources)