Dirac wire: Fermionic waveguides with longitudinal spin

Farhad Khosravi, Todd Van Mechelen, and Zubin Jacob. 10/3/2019.

Dirac wire: Fermionic waveguides with longitudinal spin

. Physical Review B, 100, 15.
Copy at https://is.gd/Ogkiul
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The interplay of photon spin and orbital angular momentum (OAM) in the optical fiber (one-dimensional waveguide) has recently risen to the forefront of quantum nanophotonics. Here, we introduce the fermionic dual of the optical fiber, the Dirac wire, which exhibits unique electronic spin and OAM properties arising from confined solutions of the Dirac equation. The Dirac wires analyzed here represent cylindrical generalizations of the Jackiw-Rebbi domain wall and the minimal topological insulator, which are of significant interest in spintronics. We show the unique longitudinal spin arising from electrons confined to propagation in a wire, an effect which is fundamentally prohibited in planar geometries. Our work sheds light on the universal spatial dynamics of electron spin in confined geometries and the duality between electronic and photonic spin.

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