Our latest research on dipole dipole interactions was published in Physical Review Letters

We are delighted to share our recent work on "Reducing Effective System Dimensionality with Long-Range Collective Dipole-Dipole Interactions" is published in Physical Review Letters. In this work we demonstrate that a resonant nanophotonic structure modifies the apparent dimensionality in an interacting ensemble of emitters, as revealed by population decay dynamics. Our measurements on a dense ensemble of interacting quantum emitters in a resonant nanophotonic structure with long-range DDIs reveal an effective dimensionality reduction to ¯d=2.20(12), despite the emitters being distributed in 3D. This contrasts with the homogeneous environment, where the apparent dimension is ¯d=3.00. Our work presents a promising avenue to manipulate dimensionality in an ensemble of interacting emitters.



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