Our recently published research on thermal imaging has been selected for inclusion in "Spotlight on Optics" by Optica Publishing Group

Our recent paper titled "Why are Thermal Images Blurry?" has been selected to be featured as a Spotlight on Optics by Optica Publishing Group.

Checkout the spotlight at: https://opg.optica.org/spotlight/summary.cfm?id=545756


Description of the spotlight from Optica Publishing Group:
"Spotlight on Optics (Spotlight) showcases research produced in our journals—research and
information that would be impossible without the talent and contributions of you and your
coauthors. Your paper is in excellent company. Only two papers are highlighted from our
respective journals each month from among the scores of fine articles published. Our journals
are foremost in the field, with consistently high Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)
rankings among the top 20.

A large part of Spotlight’s purpose is to encourage
comments among authors and readers. Feel free to enhance the reader experience by
providing not only comments about your paper but also a link to pertinent supplemental