PhD Alumni

Dr. Todd Van Mechelen, December 2020 (From Purdue University)
Thesis topic: Foundations of Topological Electrodynamics
Next position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Purdue University

Dr. Farhad Khosravi, November 2020 (From University of Alberta)
Thesis topic: Unified spin electrodynamics of Dirac Maxwell Fields
Next position: 1 Qubit, Canada

Dr. Ryan Starko-Bowes, April 2019 (From University of Alberta)
Thesis topic: Engineering thermal polaritons for heat transfer applications
Next position: Intel

Dr. Prashant Shekhar, December 2018 (From University of Alberta)
Thesis topic: Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy for Probing Nanophotonic Excitations at High Energy and Momentum
Next position: Intel

Dr. Saman Jahani, September 2018 (From Purdue University)
Thesis topic: Transparent sub-diffraction optics for nanoscale light confinement without metal
Next position: Post-doctoral Fellow, Caltech

Dr. Cristian Cortes, December 2017 (From Purdue University)
Thesis topic: Quantum correlations and noise in nanophotonics
Next position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Argonne National Labs

Dr. Ward Newman, October 2017 (From Purdue University)
Thesis topic: Experimental demonstration of super-Coulombic dipole-dipole interactions in metamaterials
Next position: Intel

Dr. Sean Molesky, July 2017 (From University of Alberta)
Thesis topic: Controlling Thermal Light-Matter Interactions with Metamaterials
Next position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Princeton University

Post-doctoral Alumni

Dr. Sarang Pendharker (At University of Alberta)
Next position: Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India

Dr. Parijat Sengupta
Next position: Intel

Dr. Zhou Li
Next position: Team Leader, Guanzhuo, China

Dr. Li-Ping Yang
Next position: Associate Professor, Northeast Normal University, China

Dr. Chinmay Khandekar
Next position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Stanford University

Master's Thesis Alumni

Prashant Shekhar, September 2013
Thesis topic: Strong coupling and superradiance in hyperbolic metamaterials
Next position: PhD student, University of Alberta

Yu Guo, August 2014
Thesis topic: Singular fluctuational electrodynamic effects in hyperbolic metamaterials and moving media
Next position: PhD student, Stanford University

Huan Hu, September 2014
Thesis topic: Nanostructured metamaterials for thermal applications
Next position: PhD student, UCSD

Jonathan Atkinson, December 2015
Thesis topic: Ellipsometric characterization of anisotropy in nanowire metamaterials
Next position: PhD student, University of Waterloo